Counter-Strike: GO Tournament - May 27th

Thu 25th May 2017 - 2:26am General Gaming


Pre-Register Here

AFKgg will be hosting a CS:GO Tournament on Saturday May 27th at 1pm.

CHECK-INs START at 12pm when AFKgg opens.
CHECK-INS END at 1:15pm.

$15 Entry Fee per player.

Please pre-register to reserve your spot for the CS:GO Tournament at AFKgg Gamer Lounge on Sauturday May 27th.

You may pre-register as an individual or as a team. For individuals, random teams will be formed on the day of the tournament and individuals will be placed into those teams. Teams may register with 2 to 5 people and we will place the remaining players into those teams.

<< Pre-Register Link >>

<< Prizes >>

1st Place: 75% of Prize Pool ($10 added to Prize pool per player), AFK memberhsip.
2nd Place: 25% of Prize Pool ($10 added to Prize pool per player), AFK memberhsip.

<< Rules >>

% General Rules
~ Start of tournament is best of 1, single elimination
~ Finals is best of 3
~ Peripherals that are allowed: Mouse, Headset, & Mousepad. NO KEYBOARDS are allowed.
~ Players will be allowed setup time before the start of tournament to save configs to our PCs.
~ Players have a maximum of 5 minutes to configure their game prior to joining the lobby. Teams will get forfeit losses.
~ USB Flash drives can't be plugged into our PCs. Please have your config files accessible via a cloud storage platform or email.
~ NO Outside food or drink is allowed in the venue.

% Map Rules
~ Map pool is Valve's Activy Duty Map Group (Dust2, Cobblestone, Cache, Overpass, Mirage, Nuke, Train)
~ Maps will be banned until there is only 1 left. In the case of best of 3, the last 3 maps will be played in reverse ban order.
~ First team to ban and pick side will be random
~ Ties on any maps will be settled by a 6 round Overtime, 3 rounds on Terrorist and 3 on Counter-Terrorist.

% Match Rules
~ Standard Valve Competitive Match Rules and Configs (Unless otherwise stated)
~ 30 Round Match with Halftime, First to 16 Rounds
~ 1:55 Round Timer
~ 0:40 Bomb Timer




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